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Game Week

From 7th – 13th November it’s Game Week at our Squires restaurant and we have a delicious menu in store for you!

Wild game is generally more flavoursome than farmed meat, and may be a little tougher, depending on the age of the animal. To counteract the toughness, it’s ‘hung’ after shooting to help tenderise the meat and encourage the development of ‘gamey’ flavours. The longer meat is hung, the more pronounced the flavour will become, but hanging periods usually range from two days (for rabbit) to up to 12 days (for venison).

Our Executive Head Chef Sean Melville has created a menu using great quality, local ingredients and then giving the dishes a modern twist!

Game is one of the most healthy meats to eat, minimal fat and full in flavour, it truly is the taste of the Autumn in the country!”



Starters as Fixed Price


Lavender Scented Venison Loin

Smoked Game Scotch Sausage, Blueberry Coulis, Baby Turnips, Celeriac Dauphinoise, Cavolo Nero, baked Oat crumb

Whiskey Pot Roast Pheasant

Butter Mash, Savoy Cabbage, Braising Liquor

Traditional Butter Roasted Grouse

Bread Sauce, Pate Crouton, Game Chips, Roast Jus

Game & Port Pie

Thyme & Suet Crust, Binham Blue Nugget, Clapshot, Fine Beans

Barbeque Seared Partridge Breast

Cajun Spiced Parmentier Potatoes, Spiral Pickle, Port Wine Essence


Desserts as Fixed Price


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